Today – Sunday, April 30th– we express our appreciation and love to Betty Bryan who has completed forty-five years with our Mother’s Day Out Program. 

Betty became director of MDO in the second year of the ministry and has faithfully led the organization  through the years. 

In those forty-five years we estimate Betty has ministered to over 3,800 children through the care of  Mother’s Day Out. Many of those MDO children now have children of their own in our Mother’s Day Out  Program. Betty has made a profound impact upon our church and our community. 

We will thank Betty in the Sunday Worship Services. Then, please join with us in the Fellowship Hall at the  end of the 11:00AM Worship/Connect Group Hour – where we will have a reception and fellowship time. 

Betty Bryan is a prime example of the many people who love God’s church and serve it faithfully. We thank  God for Betty, Mickey, and their family. We pray God’s blessings upon them.

– Waylon