AS WE CELEBRATE MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND – let us be ever thankful for and remember the  sacrifice of those who fought and gave their life in service for our country. 


This past Wednesday night we met for a regular congregational meeting to hear reports and to deal with  four recommendations: 

  1. We voted to offer our Bush, Louisiana, property for sale with the proceeds going to debt  retirement. 
  2. We added funds to our Security budget to upgrade our security measures. 
  3. We reiterated our plan to renovate Central Hall and to spend approximately $1.5 million. 4. We discussed proposed changes to the by-laws. 

The first three recommendations all passed and are self-explanatory. We are excited to begin the renovation  of Central Hall where we met for worship from 2001-2018. This will give us a large room to serve multi purposes. 

We have increased the security budget by $50,000 to over $100,000/year for obvious reasons and are  continually looking at ways to do this more effectively. 

The fourth recommendation will be voted on June 28, at 6:45PM in Central Hall. This proposal allows the  church to establish a Planning Advisory Team to ensure a smooth transition of future leadership. As this  proposal involves a by-law change, it requires a second meeting to vote on these changes.  

Our by-laws, as a whole, needs to be updated to reflect current practices. We hope to accomplish this over  the next two or three years.