I often think and say, “Wednesday night is the best kept secret at First Baptist Church.”

This is why I think that way: Wednesday nights provide powerful ways to grow in Christ and to apply Scripture to our lives.

On Wednesday nights we have ministries and programs for the entire family. We work with preschoolers, children, youth, and adults. All these ministries have to do with biblical training and spiritual growth.

Preschool Ministry: Our ‘Team Kids’ is set up the launch our preschooler into a life-long adventure of walking with God and being Jesus’s disciples.

Children: Children have a ministry called ‘B. L. A. S. T.’ meaning “Biblical Learning And Spiritual Training.” While learning Scripture and applying it to their lives, children have a Blast!

Youth: The ASCEND ministry introducing students to a personal, life-changing relationship with the God who created them. Our Ascend Student Ministry is set up so that we focus Wednesday nights on Junior High Students, and Sunday Nights on High Schooler.

Adults: We meet in Central Hall to study Scripture and to apply it to our lives as we are led through a verse by verse Bible study. We attempt to understand what Scripture means and to apply it to how we live in our families, at church, and in our daily interactions. We meet around tables where we get to know other believers, we get to pray for one another, and learn to apply the Scripture we have studied. At the present time, we are doing a study on 1 and 2 Corinthians.

The church at Corinth sought to live for God in the midst of paganism. They were all new believers who needed to understand spiritual things and biblical teaching and apply it to their difficult situation. For this reason, 1 and 2 Corinthians speak powerfully to our own situation and time.

We hope that you and your entire family will join us as we meet together on Wednesday evenings.