By Dr. Waylon Bailey

This week begins our new sermon series on RENEW. This is not simply a new series; it is who and what we must be and do.

I think everyone can now see that things have changed – not just for the short term but also for the long term. Therefore, how we do church must change as well.

We all know we must rebuild the church, but I don’t want us to rebuild what was. I want us to be renewed and to renew the church in the same way. It’s not enough just to restart what has been stopped. I want us to pray so that we are renewed with the new wineskins that will take us into the future, possibly until Jesus returns.

I want to ask you to consider how you will be renewed during this time.

I also want to ask you to join us in the Worship Center Sunday night at 6:00 PM for our first Congregational Meeting of 2020. In this meeting, we will give you information about finances and attendance and we will discuss future possibilities for ministry and other business issues.

The Worship Center should allow us to spread out adequately as well as have opportunity to pray and think about our future.