By Waylon Bailey

Report from our congregational meeting

This past Wednesday evening the church met for our first congregational meeting of the year. The meeting was unusually well attended, and I was thankful for the good attendance. We use these congregational meetings not only to talk about business, but also to discuss vision and purpose.

At this meeting we talked about vision and purpose. But, since I am going to devote a sermon to “Where We Have Been in the Last Year and Where We are Going in the Coming Years” – I will save most of that information for the sermon .

I simply want to say that God has blessed His church and blessed His people. We want more and more to be the people and family of God used for His good purposes.

We also heard about a Bylaw addition that would define who we are and the foundation on which we stand. This large group of people affirmed biblical truth as the guiding principle of our church. We, therefore, affirmed a statement of marriage and sexuality that expresses our deeply held religious beliefs about the sanctity of marriage as defined by Holy Scripture.

We do not say that in defiance, but in humility and obedience to the Word of God, given to us on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets (Ephesians 3:5).

We do say that we want to be obedient to Scripture and not to the opinions of man. At the congregational meeting the church gave unanimous consent to this Bylaw addition. It will be voted on a second time on Wednesday evening March 10. If approved, it then will become part of the governing documents of our church.

I hope you will join with us for that meeting.