By Waylon Bailey

Three Propositions to Live by:

Let me give you three propositions that will help you understand what God has called us to do.

First, nothing matters as much in your life as having a personal relationship with the God who loves you and created you.

Second, God sent His Son that you might know God and receive eternal life through the Son.

Third, we as believers in Christ need to be fully invested in the work of God through His church.

All of these truths are highlighted in our Discovery Class, a class specially designed to help you know God and serve Him through His church.


Our next Discovery Class will be Sunday afternoon March 21 at 5 PM in the Fellowship Hall. It will be our first in-person Discovery Class in over a year. We hope you will make every effort to attend.

If you are unable to attend or are uncomfortable attending, we have an online version for you as well. You can view by going to the church website at 5:00 PM and clicking on Watch Live.

We anticipate that this is going to be one of our largest groups ever. This meeting will help you get fully invested in the ministry and in the fellowship of First Baptist Church.

Please sign up on the church website and let us know you are planning to attend.