By Waylon Bailey

Last weekend’s Easter Worship was truly a joyful and precious time.

We praised the God of Glory and thanked Him for giving His Son as our once-for-all sacrifice for sin. We also praised God for raising Jesus from the dead, proving the effectiveness of His sacrifice.

Last weekend’s worship services also proved other things.

First, it showed us we could accommodate a large attendance comfortably and safely. That validates our assumptions as we make decisions for the church and for future worship times.

Please encourage friends and family to join you as we gather to worship. We now know we can meet together.

Second, the attendance this weekend showed that our people are returning, and that new people are joining with us.

Last weekend we had 92% of our attendance in 2019. Remember that we didn’t meet in person in 2020.

Based on what happened here at FBC, the gleeful hope by some people of the death of God and His church is much overblown.

This is my goal and I hope you will make it yours: that when school starts in August we will be at 101% of our 2019 attendance.

You can make that happen by being faithful and by being diligent in inviting others to attend with you.