Happy Fourth of July!
May God bless America!

What a wonderful day when we get to celebrate our freedom in Christ – and also celebrate the blessings and joys of American freedoms. We are truly blessed people, and we need to live with that blessing in mind.

We also need to make sure to extend “liberty and justice to all“ and more importantly the eternal blessing of knowing Christ.

As you know, we live in a day when many people living around us have not heard “the good news.” It is clear that not all will come to faith in Christ, but everyone should have the opportunity to do so.

As we look to REBOOT in August and September, let us also seek to invite as many people as possible to join us in getting back to church and in knowing Christ.

When we see family and friends growing deeper in their faith and beginning a life journey with Christ, we will be encouraged and blessed as we worship and serve.

Have a great holiday!

Waylon Bailey