By Waylon Bailey

August is near, and it’s coming very quickly.

We are thankful for what we’ve accomplished in June and July – – Vacation Bible School, camps of all kinds, and several mission trips. Now we’re ready to move on to August as we “ReBoot“ and start up new and established Ministries.

Beginning in August I will begin teaching for the Tuesday Men’s Breakfast and for Wednesday worship meeting in Central Hall. Next week I’ll write about Wednesday worship. This week I want to write about the plans I have for our men. We will meet again beginning August 3 for breakfast and a time of fellowship and devotional in the Fellowship Hall.

We are going to look at prayer and emphasize an informed, practical, and powerful prayer life for our men. We will call it “Teach Us To Pray.”

Each week we will cover a different aspect of learning to pray. We will emphasize knowing how to pray and also emphasize the practice of prayer.

I want to invite the men and boys (and their guests) of First Baptist Church to join with us each Tuesday morning at 6:30 AM.

May God bless you this week as you worship. I look forward to seeing you soon.