We enjoyed the time away – but it is GOOD to be back!

Martha and I have had a wonderful time away.

While we spent almost all of it at home, this has been an encouraging and helpful time. In addition to
spending time with Anna, Chris, Jake, and Chase Mizell, who live here and are active in FBC
Covington, we also got to spend time with Emily, Brad, Reagan, and Luke Kirby who live in Dumfries,
VA. Brad serves as senior pastor of FBC Woodbridge, Virginia, 23 miles outside of the District of

We enjoyed our time immensely, but we are ready to be back with you. About 10 days ago, Martha
said, “I miss our people.”

We have missed you, and we are ready to see how God will work in the days ahead. Today I will preach
the last sermon in the ChurchNow series. It will be a bridge between what we have been emphasizing
– and ReBoot, which will be the sermon series beginning next week.

I don’t have to tell you that people and churches have been turned upside down. We all need to take
the time to “ReBoot” our lives and to steadfastly move forward with God.

Would you make a special effort to invite friends, neighbors, and family to join you in worship and Bible
Study in the coming weeks? Our greatest need is to know God and to live closely with Him. You can be
the catalyst to help those around you know Christ and “ReBoot“ their lives.