Recently we’ve been singing a new song – O Come to the Altar. The first lines say this, “are you  hurting and broken within?” 

Every time we sing it, I find myself saying, “Absolutely!” 

Many of you have had awful hurts and pains during this time. 

What do we do with all these pains? What do we do when church starts and stops and starts and stops  because of illnesses, pandemics, and hurricanes? 

I don’t know the complete answer to my questions, but I pledge to you, and I want to encourage you to  pledge to God, “if this is our future, I’ll start again, and again, as long as you want me to do so.“ 

God loves obedience, and He blessed faithfulness on the part of His people. 

Would you join me in saying to God, “I will serve you and give my best to you with all my heart for as  long as I live.” 

God has given us opportunities in the midst of the troubles. In fact, many people are open now to the  gospel and to the Lord who have never been open in the past. Let us seek them and let us tell them of  a good God who cares and who is with us in the midst of the storms of life. 

Let’s make this weekend of worship a time of “rebooting” our commitment to God