By Waylon Bailey

As pastor of First Baptist Church Covington, one of the things that God calls me to do is to be a good “Ad-minister” of the church.  This means that God wants me to love and carefully lead the church.

As an “Ad-minister,” I must look at the finances of the church.  Here is what I want you to know. 

Even in this difficult time of pandemic, upheaval in America, and hurricanes, you have given faithfully to support the work and ministry of the church.  As a Church, you have given more than ever before for our church and its ministry. 

I also want you to know that giving is up for FBC Kenner as well.  They, too, are giving above their budget requirements.  That is making it possible for them to do works of ministry that they have not had the opportunity to do over the last several years.

I am thankful to be associated with such faithful people.

I need to remind you that while our giving helps the church to do ministry and keeps “the lights on,“ we don’t give for that reason alone.

We give to be faithful to Christ and to follow Him obediently.  I want to continue to encourage to you to give out of love and obedience for Christ and for His mercy and grace.

May God continue to bless His Church.