I want to thank many of you for being part of our congregational meeting this past Wednesday evening.  We had a wonderful time of fellowship around the meal, and we were blessed to seek God in prayer and  to think about our future. 

In addition to electing a number of people to serve on ministry teams and in ministries, we also voted to  begin a new capital campaign with the purpose of purchasing the 15.46 acres adjacent to our property  on Highway 1085, re-purpose Central Hall, secure a better location for Metairie church/Metairie Korean  Church, and reduce our indebtedness. Our goal for this campaign is $7 million. 

I am thankful for this important step for the future ministry at First Baptist Church. 

Soon, we will begin the process of beginning the capital campaign. Please be in prayer for your part in  this vital ministry. 

Many people have asked how we would use the 15 additional acres. Here is my conclusion:  1. add additional overflow parking,  

  1. build recreation fields and/or a family life Center,  
  2. build an assisted living facility as we discussed years ago,  
  3. secure it for the next generation to do godly ministry at this location. 

None of these ideas has been settled on. All we know is we want to secure this for the future. 

We are also excited about Central Hall. We want to redo lighting, paint, flooring, and the sound system  to use this wonderful facility for our work of ministry. 

Please be in prayer as we seek God‘s guidance in carrying out these hopes and dreams.