Our Physical Goals for 2022

I have written and spoken previously about our physical goals for the new year. These are things that we hope to begin immediately and finish over the next three years. Please look at these needs with me.

1. Purchase the 15.46 acres which adjoins our property along Highway 1085. We have discussed and

voted on the purchase of this property during our last congregational meeting. It was done for the

necessity of future growth and ministry of FBCC.

We have given the following possible uses of this property: additional parking, recreation fields, a

family gymnasium/family life center, an assisted living facility, or simply leave the land for ministry by a

new generation in the years to come. You could also see that we might be able to accomplish the first

two items (parking and rec fields) while still leaving the land open to the other ministry needs. The

land has been closed on and it belongs to FBC.

2. Renovate Central Hall for multi-purpose use by the congregation. Our new chapel allows us to use

Central Hall for uses other than formal worship services or funerals and weddings, allowing us to use

Central Hall in a variety of other ways.

3. Add to the capital needs of our other campuses. We are currently seeking appropriate places for our

other congregations to worship and to do ministry.

4. Upgrade and repurpose areas in the ROC to better fit the numbers of students we are reaching now.

5. Add equipment to our Special Friends area.

6. Pay down our indebtedness.

Total goal: $8,000,000

To meet these needs our Finance Ministry Team has asked us to institute a Capital Campaign to provide these needed improvements. Over the next few weeks, you will hear more about these needs and how we propose to provide for them.

At this point I simply ask you to seek the Lord and ask Him to provide a way for these needs. As we pray and seek God’s leadership, we will be in the best hands for what lies ahead.

– Waylon Bailey