We have had two long and difficult years. Two years ago this weekend was the last “normal” weekend of worship we have had.

The two years since have been filled with worry, anguish, and grief for almost every family. Many families have experienced difficulty and pain – some because of Covid, and others for various life-changing reasons. We should not forget these families and their struggles. They need the love of God and the love of God’s people in difficult times.

These two years have also been difficult for the church. Since only a few of us can remember World War II, these two years have been the most difficult of any time of our lives. We have seen worship services when only a few people attended, and we have seen times when only the worship team attended with the services being live-streamed across the country.

What strange days!

But there is good news.

Last weekend we had the highest worship attendance since the first Sunday in March 2020. It was wonderful to get to look out to the congregation and see so many people worshiping God. I want to commend you on your faithfulness during these two years. We have seen people go out of their way to lead, worship, give, and serve. It is my hope that we will see attendance continue to increase leading up to Easter Sunday.

Would you join with me in pledging to “not forsake the assembling of yourselves together?”

Would you make this Easter a time of renewed devotion to God?

We have designated next weekend – March 19th & 20 as our HIGH ATTENDANCE weekend. Would you join
with me during this time as we continuing to prepare for Easter and emphasize the future of our church through special worship and praise? Let us do so to glorify God and to encourage the saints in worship and service.

-Waylon Bailey