Happy Mother’s Day!

I want to welcome all of you to worship today. It is a special day when we get to honor our mothers and special women in our life, and when we welcome families to join with us. If you are a guest today we want to thank you for coming and encourage you to come back in the future.

Many of you will be here for our Parent/Child Dedication time. This is a time in which parents dedicate themselves and their children to the Lord. What a special time it is for children, parents, and grandparents.

We have this special time because of our intense interest in marriages, families, and children. We know that the greatest need in society relates around our family relationships.

Today we are starting a new sermon series entitled: why?

I want to use this sermon series to help us understand the why of things that we do and why those things are so important. Today we try to answer the question, “Why do we emphasize the family?”

We sincerely and fervently pray that God will bless you individually, and as a family. We pray that God would create strong, godly, and healthy families in our community. We are truly thankful that you are with us today and pray that God would bless and protect you.

Two things that we need you to know:

1. As you leave the Worship Center today, the FBCCov Women’s Ministry has a gift for each of the ladies here – please stop by and pick yours up.

2. We have scheduled a Congregational Meeting on Wednesday May 25th at 6:45PM. This will be a time to give you an update on the things going on at FBC Covington and all of our campus.

 -Dr. Waylon Bailey