Beginning last Wednesday night, I asked those participating in our Wednesday evening Bible study (from The Book of Joshua) to pray specifically and fervently for a fruitful harvest last weekend and for the weeks to come.

We asked God according to His will, and He blessed His church. At the 11 o’clock service last week we had five pastors receiving people and all five had one or more individuals/families to pray with, some of these making professions of faith and wishing to be baptized.

At the same time, last Wednesday night we had a record number of children in attendance for BLAST. This last Sunday we had a record Bible study attendance for Kindergarten-sixth graders. Tuesday night, we had a record number of people in the large group segment of Celebrate Recovery.

I write all this simply to thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and for your desire to see people of all ages saved.

May I ask you to do two things? 

First, please continue to pray fervently for a fruitful harvest, a harvest of souls. Jesus told us that whatever we ask in His name He will do. We can go fervently to the Lord asking for the salvation of our friends and loved ones, confidently knowing that God hears our prayers.

Second, would you join with me in inviting and encouraging people to read scripture, pray, and attend worship and Bible study groups? When we do these things we will see God at work in our own lives.

We live in very difficult times, but we serve a very great God. Let us tell the people around us what He has done.

-Dr. Waylon Bailey