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Lagniappe August 25th

My family and I want to thank you for your prayer and wonderful expressions of sympathy over the death of my mother.

You, as a church have been everything we needed you to be during this time. Our pastors and our church staff members have supported me and carried on the ministry of the church. I am so thankful to be associated with these people.

I am thankful to have a wonderful “church family”, and I want you to have that as well.

Let me encourage you to do a few things to make that possible.

First, become a formal member of our church. The Bible often speaks about being members of the body of Christ. I would like for you to be a member of our church because it makes it very clear to us that you are involved and want to minister to others and to be ministered to by others. Membership is not a requirement, but it helps us get you “on our radar”.

We also need as much information about you as you are willing to give us. For example, would you go to CCB – our church database (if you are a member of the church or a member of a Connect Group, you will know about CCB) and upload your picture – make it look as good as you can. Also, make sure we have all your current information.

Second, join a Connect Group and attend weekly. You can know everyone in a Connect Group (if you are faithful in attendance) and everyone can know you. That helps make a church “family”.

Third, begin looking right now for people to whom you can minister and begin doing for them what you would want done for you.

These three ways are how God designed the church. We are the body of Christ. We belong to his loving family, and He wants us to take care of the family.

My “church family” has taken really good care of me. I appreciate it deeply.

I want you to have a “church family,” too.