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Lagniappe January 25th

I have really exciting news.
Connect Group attendance on January 11-12, 2020 was 1,744 – one of the five highest attendances in our history, all of which have occurred in the last six months. Our Worship attendance was 2,704 and the largest we’ve ever had for a day besides Easter, Christmas Eve, and the day we moved into our new Worship Center.
These are encouraging signs as we move toward our goal of having 2,020 in Connect Group Attendance August 16, 2020.
How will be able to do this? After all, our largest attendance ever for Connect Groups (our name for small group Bible study) occurred last August when we had 1814 in attendance. We need to increase by 206 or 11.36%!
First, we have about 600-700 regular attenders who are not currently attending a small group Bible study. This is made up of many new people who have not yet gotten connected and many others who have attended for a long time. Reaching only a few of our regular attenders will make a real difference.
Second, we are hopeful to reach many of the people we are praying for as we emphasize “Who’s Your One.” Martha and I discussed one or our “ones” and we noted that getting someone to study God’s Word with a small group of committed followers of Christ is a “game changer”. People who attend our Connect Groups over a long period of time usually ask Christ into their life.
Reaching our “ones” and getting them connected to small group Bible study helps us meet the “fun goal” of 2,020 in 2020 and the life and death serious goal of seeing people enter into the Kingdom of God.
Third, we will meet this goal by being faithful and committed to knowing Christ and becoming like Him.
If we do these things, this year and every year will have special significance.