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Lagniappe January 4th

I recently read that almost 60% of us make New Year resolutions. I also read that most of those resolutions do not make it to the end of January.

I want to ask you to make and keep ONE very important resolution.

“Who’s Your One?” will be our church emphasis for 2020. Would you prayerfully consider making this your number one resolution for this new year?

Here’s what we need you to do:

First, ask God to show you one person who doesn’t know Christ to be the one you will pray for this year. This kind of prayer is in the will of God and therefore you can be assured He will give you that one person.

Second, give us the first name (only) of the one you are praying for. You can do that in the worship services January 11-12 and 18-19.

Third, follow the 30-day prayer guide you will be given soon. You can have a physical copy of the prayer guide or you can find it through the You Version App. This prayer guide will give you pertinent Scripture to read as you pray.

Fourth, pray fervently and diligently for your one – asking God to bless and touch them.

Fifth, look for every opportunity to invite your one to church or to meet other believers. Our 2020 goal for this August is to have 2,020 people in Bible Study in our Connect Groups. Please invite your one to join you in your CG.

Can you imagine what can happen this year as we pray for our ones?