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Lagniappe October 13th

“The local church is the only organization I know that will provide all that it offers, for free, for anyone, for as long as they want”–Dan Reiland.

The more I read that quote Thursday morning, the more significant it became for me.
The church really is what Dan Reiland said. It really is the only organization I know that provides all it has for free to anyone for as long as they want it.

Part of my job is making sure we have what we need to give to as many people as we can for free.

Think of what the church provides.

Anyone can worship with us on the weekend, or Wednesday night without cost. We receive an offering, but we don’t require one. We don’t even know who gives or how much.

Anyone can participate in Grief Share, Wednesday morning Ladies Bible Study, Vacation Bible School, the church playgrounds, for free. If you worship with us, you get childcare for free. We even have free coffee and cookies.

The more I thought of Dan Reiland’s quote, the more significant it became.
How does the church do this? Not because we have an inexhaustible supply or because our denomination supplies it. Not because it comes down from heaven.

It happens because some people–many people–don’t think about receiving.  Instead, they think about giving. They are the catalyst which allows the church to offer for free, for anyone, for as long as they want it what the church has to give.

Therefore, today I want to thank you for being a cheerful giver. You make possible the gift of the Gospel to a community, a nation, and our world for free to all who will receive.