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Lagniappe October 20th

Do you remember when Colombia was the drug capital of the world? Do you remember when Medellin was known for murders and drug cartels?

Today, the whole climate has changed, and today we have a five-person mission team in Medellin helping a new evangelical church preach the gospel and reach its community.

Before, Glynn Robinson left this weekend for Colombia, I asked him to share with us some of the work going on there.

“We are sending a five-person team to Medellin, Colombia, to serve Pastor Jonathan Calle and his church Comunidad Cristiana El Redil, a church plant in an area called Los Bernal. Their church has called upon us to help them connect with their community through teaching conversational English and participating in personal evangelism events.

El Redil is the only protestant church in the Los Bernal area of Medellin. In just a few years, it has grown from a handful of people to a regular attendance of 100 people. The church has developed strong lay-leadership and is enthusiastic about getting out into the community to reach people for Christ. As with any fledgling church, the first few years have been challenging in terms of people and resources, but God has been faithful and so have the people of FBC Covington. As we have sent teams, we have seen growth in numbers of people, faith, and giving within their congregation.

It is often a great challenge for a church-plant to become self-sustaining and they are not there yet. Through the faithfulness of Pastor Calle, his leadership team, and what he calls the “Louisiana Connection” his church is beginning to see the reality of self-sustainability in terms of growing membership and giving. They have experienced several months of giving that met or exceeded their monthly needs. This is happening because they remain faithful to the calling of God, teach sound doctrine, and our partnership in ministry with them.

As you pray, please keep our team and their church lifted up. As you give, give knowing that as you do, you are making a difference in our community and in places such as Medellin, Colombia. Gracias.”

Thanks to all of you who make this ministry possible as you give your tithes and offerings.