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Lagniappe October 27th

As you know, we are about to enter a very important and busy time of the year. Here are some things to think
about and some things to know.
First, some things to think about:
Are you putting your time and effort on things that matter or things that will not matter? For example, “getting through the holidays” may be desirable but does that really make a positive impact on your life? Instead of “getting through” seek to see the real significance of Thanksgiving, Christmas, family time, sharing meals together, and gift giving. These are things that can build lifetime memories and joys that will be remembered for
Are you “walking slowly through the crowds?” I use that phrase to remind our pastors that we are about people and their relationship with God. Everyone matters. Maybe we should “walk slowly through the holidays” so that we can enjoy the company of others.
Second, some things to know:
November 3 (Sunday) at 5:00 PM is our next Discovery Class. This is for new members and those interested in
November 20 (Wednesday) at 6:45 PM is our next Congregational Meeting. We have several important items to propose, including new deacons and the 2020 budget.
December 1 (Sunday) – We will have a large Christmas Tree in our Plaza this year. We are planning a time of
music and fellowship Sunday night, December 1, shortly after dark to light the tree and serve hot or cold
chocolate – depending on the weather. We hope to make this a community event each year.
December 13 & 14 (Friday & Saturday). Our Christmas Choir and Orchestra Presentation will be at 7 PM on Friday, and 2 PM & 6 PM on Saturday.
December 24 Our Christmas Eve services will be at 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM.
May God bless you at this wonderful time. May we do all possible to experience the joy and peace to be found in