Lagniappe: Breaker Rock Beach

God’s Rock-Solid truth in a world of shifting sands. Romans 12:2

We’ve had a GREAT Vacation Bible School!

As I’ve said many times, good planning bathed in prayer and a desire to please God will be a blessing. This Vacation Bible School had great planning and was covered in prayer – resulting in a great blessing.

Here are some things you need to know.

We enrolled 1950 QA people, 1291 children (primarily kindergarten through six grade) and 659 workers. For the three days we had an average attendance of 1086 children and 548 workers for a total average attendance of 1634.

In addition to the record enrollment and attendance, we had a pleasant and joyful attitude on the part of the entire group. Many adults were amazed at how polite, caring, and outgoing the children were. Your children and grandchildren made a wonderful impression for the gospel.

I want to thank those who pray and give generously to support our church – allowing us to host this large event. I also want to thank all our volunteers who worked with, loved on, encouraged, and showed God’s love to these children. And finally, I want to thank our parents who entrusted their children to our care.

Here’s the really good news: Over 100 children made professions of faith in Christ at VBS. As someone who was profoundly touched by my VBS experience, I am deeply grateful to all those who went out of their way to make Christ known both verbally and by example. What you have done will make a difference through all eternity.