Let’s Start Something New

By: Waylon Bailey ~

I love the beginning of the new year.

You probably do as well. I love having a blank slate and a whole year to work with.

More than anything else, I love being able to change my old habits and institute new ones.

I have a suggestion for all of us:

Let’s start something new!

Here are some suggestions of new habits you can start.

First, do some new things spiritually.

Set aside a time to read Scripture and pray. I use the first thing in the morning to “get my soul happy in the Lord.” I love that phrase from a well-known preacher of the past. What he meant was that he set aside the first part of the day to take control of the rest of the day. Even if you only set aside fifteen minutes to read a chapter of Scripture and pray briefly, it will be better than nothing. Spiritual discipline of any kind is better than no spiritual discipline.

Are you aware that if you read a chapter of the New Testament each morning that you will have read through the New Testament shortly after Labor Day? If you would like to do more than the minimum or suggestions on other things you can do, please let me know and I will help you get started.

As you begin the year you could determine to attend worship with the family of God every week! I’m always amazed how many people take worship so cavalierly. I’m also amazed how many otherwise devoted people miss so many times of worship.

Would you consider increasing your giving toward God’s command of 10%? If you feel you can’t give 10%, would you consider giving 1% more? Through the years I have noticed that this can be a stumbling block to a deep relationship with God. You need to remove that stumbling block.

All of these changes can make a huge difference in your life.

Over the next few days, I will give other suggestions about things you can start new. I write a blog at the address of waylonbailey.com. If you subscribe, you will receive all of my devotionals through the year.

Let’s make this a great new year!