Life Can Get You Down

9ebd1c418eb19df4d299c36a318e2da4It’s really not hard for life to get you down.

The trigger that causes our discouragement can be large or small. I am amazed at how many times the trigger is something small and rather insignificant.

Sometimes we know exactly why we feel the way we do. Something happened that rocked our world, and we wonder whether we will ever be the same again.

What can you do when life gets you down?

First, look for someone to encourage you. Often, we know people who have a knack about speaking hope and encouragement into our lives. You may know someone just like that. They have the ability just to give you a good feeling about life. Maybe just a brief phone call could help you in a time of need.

Those people are like silver and gold in your life. You want to hang out with those kind of folks.

Second, look for someone to encourage.

Helping someone else always helps me. Look for someone you can help, and you probably will be helped as well. It also helps me to know that I am not alone in my difficulty. As I relate to people, I find almost everyone is going through difficulty of some kind.

When you bless others, you will usually be blessed as well.

Third, get outside. I know this doesn’t sound very spiritual, but it is tremendously helpful. Don’t let yourself sit around in a dark house and do nothing. Get outside, get in the sunlight, and spend time with other people. It will produce healing in your soul.

Fourth, live thankfully. Thanksgiving is a natural antidote to discouragement and depression. When you express thanks to God and to others, you start living outside yourself. Paul probably spent a great deal of time in prison, yet he wrote often about thanksgiving while he was in prison. He seemed to know that thanksgiving opens doors to love, joy, and peace.

Everyone gets down, and everyone needs a little encouragement. Practice these things and you will find help when life gets overwhelming.

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