Life Has Never Been Easy

By: Waylon Bailey

Life has never been easy, and it is certainly not easy now.

We have to deal with human sin and with our enemy who goes to and fro seeking to steal, kill, and destroy.

How do we deal effectively with our common problems?

First, we must recognize reality. Too many people want to live in an alternate universe where there is no difficulty and everyone means well. That is not our world.

We have an enemy who seeks to destroy us. He is a liar and a murderer (John 8:44).

Paul knew opposition very well. He experienced it almost everywhere he went. At Philippi, he was arrested, beaten, and incarcerated. The people at Philippi also suffered opposition. Paul encouraged them to continue on in spite of their difficulty.

Second, look for the opportunity in the opposition. For example, as Paul and Silas were in prison they used that event to talk and sing about God’s grace and goodness. The result was the jailer at Philippi and all his house coming to know Christ (Acts 16).

We need to see that all of the events of our lives open doors of opportunity for the gospel.

Third, make sure you stand firm and never quit. Paul told the church to link arms and to stand in one Spirit and as one person (Philippians 1:28). Paul knew that we need one another and that we are stronger as we work together. We must be united in Christ.

If you are faithful to Christ, you can be assured you will face opposition. Jesus told His disciples that if they hated the master they would also hate His followers (John 15:18). God has granted to us the privilege of suffering for Christ as He Himself suffered.

As we stand firm in one Spirit, God will take our faithfulness and use it for good.

Have a great week!