Making Church “Just Right”

Last week I had the privilege to visit Metairie Church and preach in person at the morning worship service.

These are words which characterized my experience: warm, inviting, friendly, caring. In other words, Metairie Church is becoming exactly what we wanted it to be.

The building itself is warm and inviting. The location is easy to find, and Christ is being exalted in music, prayer, and proclamation of the word. We have much to be thankful for in our new campus site.

We are thankful for Jared and Bryan and the volunteers who give their time and effort to reach our area for Christ.

Please continue to pray that Metairie Church might carry out its mission to help other churches on the southshore make Christ known.

What makes for a good church experience? We all know how we want it to be.

We want to be welcomed without being “smothered.” No one knows exactly how that works but we all know like Goldilocks that there is a “just right.”

What can we all do to make our church experience “just right?”

First, pray before you arrive that God would give you the opportunity to touch someone’s life. Ask God to put you in the right place with the right person so that you can both show and tell the power of the Gospel.

Second, make church your mission field. Look for people who might need directions or just a smile. Be ready to help others with their needs.

Third, look for people who need a friend. We who attend church regularly know how important church is. Those who do not normally attend have probably never experienced what you do each week. Look for those people. Make sure they get included both in your class and in the worship center. If they are willing, spend a moment praying with them.

Do these simple acts and we can make our church an inviting place.

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