Making This Summer the Best One Ever

By: Waylon Bailey ~

Like most children, I looked longingly toward summer. To be out of school, to get to go to the beach, and just to do something different, made we look forward to summer every year.

Like most other children, I also had the plan to make my particular summer the best summer ever. I probably never quite met my goal, but I always tried my hardest to do so.

How can we make this a good Summer, maybe even the best ever?

First, determine to let God into your life and into your summer. If we don’t connect with God, we will miss out on the best of everything. Everything is better when we seek God with all our hearts. I may not be able to be the best dad or husband, but I know that when I give myself to God I am better at both of those.

Second, look for people around you to bless. People in need are everywhere. Find ways to help and use these wonderful, long days to help someone. Most people won’t ask for help so you have to be creative in how to give help. I have some specific ideas about this that I will give to you one day this week.

Third, make this a time to grow in your knowledge of God and Scripture. Simply reading a chapter a day of Scripture will get you through Matthew before school starts. Maybe you’ve always wanted to read Revelation, it will be easy to do so before school begins by simply reading a chapter a day.

If you read two chapters a day, you can finish the New Testament before Christmas.

Finally, set a goal and get started. If you don’t start, you will never finish. Today is a good day to help make this a really good summer, maybe the best one ever.