Metairie Church–Where We Are

Over 100 years ago, Southern Baptists discussed the need to reach the strategic city of New Orleans. As part of their strategy, they set about

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First Service March 10 @ 10:30 am

to establish a school for training ministers. Today, that institution is known as New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. It is a world-class institution for preparing men and women to take the gospel to the world.

Yet, the ultimate goal of Southern Baptists has not been reached. We believe God wants us to join with others in reaching the city.

Several years ago, the pastors of FBC began discussing a multi-campus strategy to help reach our area for Christ. Our first discussions were of areas on the north side of the lake. Later, we began to think and pray about the New Orleans area and the part of the city closest to us–Metairie.

We frankly felt more and more led to Metairie. Now we are ready to begin the services and ministry of Metairie Church, a multi-campus ministry of First Baptist Church, Covington.

For months we have been securing a site and establishing a place for our congregation to meet. I hope you will visit the site and pray for the ministries which will be centered in that location.

Metairie Church will meet near the corner of West Esplanade and Severn, in the Pontchartrain Place Shopping Center (3501 Severn Avenue) with the first service taking place March 10, 2013, at 10:30 AM.

Last week, we introduced the campus pastor of Metairie Church. Jared Stacy and his wife Stevie have been called to serve as shepherd of those who will attend Metairie Church.

Please be in prayer for the many people who will attend and the many people who live in that wonderful area but do so without Christ in their lives.

God has given us an opportunity to join with other like minded churches to reach out to the city of New Orleans. May God bless the efforts of all these churches.

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