What if we reimagined

Imagine a local and global missions focus that concentrates on needs and outcomes rather than activity. Imagine engaging neighborhoods and communities as true neighbors and not as missions projects. What if we worked along with neighborhood leaders and citizens to understand the issues that prevent transformation and change? What if we engaged communities seeking to empower them to transform their neighborhood for good? God will move as we seek to do MISSIONS for GOOD.

We will be good neighbors in our community, in our city, and in our world.

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Our Vision Statement

As FBC Covington seeks to engage local and global communities, we recognize that traditional models of missions and engagement are broken and often harmful rather than good. We want to shift that paradigm in the places God sends us. We will work to be good partners and neighbors in ministry and development that will seek to listen, empower, and love without creating dependency or stripping away dignity from those we serve.

By building relationships with local and global leaders who are already faithfully serving their communities, we will assist in addressing real needs rather than perceived needs. As we discover the missional avenues that best serve each specific community, we look forward to working side-by-side with leaders and residents alike for holistic neighborhood development and for the glory of God.

How Can You Get Involved?

Where Will You Go?


Go Global to meet real needs and empower our ministry partners in neighborhoods and communities around the world.


Stay Local to work with our neighbors in addressing the deep needs of our community and work on sustainable solutions.


Get Involved when disaster strikes and respond immediately.

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