More Good News Coming



I have more good news.

On the heels of the very popular series “The Bible” by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett comes “A.D. The Bible Continues” on NBC beginning Easter Sunday April 5.

How popular was “The Bible?” Well, it drew 100 million viewers and in Canada “The Bible” series even beat out hockey.

I rejoiced with “The Bible” series because it put the “Greatest Book ever written” front and center in people’s living rooms and in their lives.

The new series promises to do the same thing. “A.D.: The Bible Continues” will begin with the crucifixion and resurrection Easter Sunday and take us through the first ten chapters of Acts.

Think of what those ten chapters contain. We will learn of the Ascension of Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit to the church. We will see the church unified in their love for Christ and their love for one another.

Recently, I have studied the life of Stephen, who became the first martyr of the church. He was a great preacher and leader who died for Christ with the words of Christ on his lips: “Father, forgive them.”

We will see the conversion of Paul and the Gospel going to the Gentiles with the conversion of Cornelius.

Southern Baptist Convention president Ronnie Floyd endorsed the new TV series in a statement. “A.D. is biblically based, historically supported, and creatively integrated as an epic story that will captivate generations globally. The drama is powerful, engaging, and INTENSE!”

Does this mean we will agree with everything we see? Probably not, but it will at least open the door with children, family, and friends who may want to know what we think about the series. This will give us the opportunity to talk about the work of Christ and the work of the church.

It will allow us to talk about WHY the early church grew at such a rapid rate.

I hope you will begin reading Acts 1-10 and start encouraging the people around you to watch the series beginning Easter Sunday.

Let us pray God will speak through the series to encourage people to know Him. Let us pray for receptive hearts and open minds.

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