“For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.”
Romans 8:29


“Follow me and I will make you fishers of people.”
Matthew 4:19
  • To Christ in Relationship
    • I am confident I am forgiven of my sins.
    •  I have surrendered my life to Christ as Lord.
    •  I know the good news of Jesus and the spiritual significance
      of what He has done for me.
  • To Community in Fellowship
    • I have friends or family around me that know and love Jesus.
    • I am involved regularly in a Connect Group Bible Study.
    • I have others in my life that pray for me and I for them.
  • To Church in Membership
    • I have publicly declared my faith in Christ through Believer’s Baptism.
    • I have expressed my desire to join the church to one of the
      pastors or leaders.
    • I am an active member of a local church.


“Abide in me and I in you…”
John 15:4
  • Spiritual Identity
    • I know who I am in Christ and am rooted in this identity.
    • I am secure in my salvation and confident I have eternal life with God when I die.
    • I understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and am committed to following Him in all regards.
  • Spiritual Disciplines
    • I am growing in my relationship with Christ.
    • I know how to and am spending time regularly in His word,
      in prayer, and in fellowship with His Spirit.
    • I am developing my understanding and practice of generosity
      toward others and the church.
    • I can and actively do share my testimony with others.
  • Spiritual Fruit
    • I understand the biblical mandate to bear spiritual fruit
      that resembles Christ and glorifies God.
    • I am an active witness for Christ in word and deed.
    • I am yielding areas to the Father for the purpose of pruning, knowing the result will be a more fruitful life.
“The greatest among you will be your servant.”
Mathew 23:11
  • Serve Family
    • I understand the responsibility to serve my family as a way to witness for and honor Christ.
    •  I understand my service to my family qualifies me for other areas of service outside the home.
    • My family sees me as a growing disciple of Christ and a dependable member of the family.
  • Serve the Church
    • I am involved in my church as a growing disciple and approved workman for Christ.
    • I am a dependable member of the church, consistently present, ready, and willing to serve.
    • I know how Christ made me uniquely as a person and understand how that intersects with opportunities for service in the church. I have found my PLACE of service by attending the PLACE class offered by the church.
  • Serve the Community
    • I understand my responsibility to represent Christ in the community where I live, representing Him and His church well.
    •  I have found a place of service within the community where I can be a witness for Christ.
    • I know my vocational calling as a minister of the gospel.
“Go and make disciples of all nations”
Matthew 28:19
  • Reach the Lost
    • I am intentional to invite others to know Christ as Lord and Savior.
    •  I am actively praying for opportunities to see others come to faith in Christ.
    •  I love those who don’t yet love or live for Jesus.
    •  I am intentional to invite others to “come and see” the Savior.
  • Make Disciples
    • I am intentional to help others grow in their faith.
    •  I have concern for those who profess to be believers, but are
      not growing in a relationship with Christ.
    •  I am intentional to live like Jesus and help others do the same.
    •  I know the commands of God and help teach them to others.
  • Influence and Develop Servant Leaders
    • I am intentional to mentor others to be disciple-makers.
    •  I am willing to walk with and develop others, willing to meet
      them where they are and lead them toward their potential.
    • I consistently deflect attention away from me and toward