Lagniappe: Our Deacons

Do you know one of the reasons we, as a church, are able to minister to so many in our congregation? It’s because we have 30 Deacons who are true to their calling in the New Testament: to be servants of the Church.

These men provide counsel and support for the Pastors, assist in ministering to the membership, and work to promote unity of Spirit within the Church. They are called to visit those in the hospitals, make calls of encouragement, handle emergencies, and visit those in nursing homes or who are homebound.

The criteria for FBCCov Deacons: men who love the Lord, are faithful/consistent in attendance, support the church financially, and are involvement in activities/ministries of the church.

Below are the men who have agreed to serve in this capacity for a two-year term. The first column was affirmed last year with their two-year term running through 2024. The second column are the men whose two-year term starts January 1st and will run through 2025.

TERM 2023-2024
Will Rotate off December 31, 2024
1. Brian Baughman – Deborah
2. Tom Chambless – Maureen
3. Jason Coffey – Staci
4. Ed Covington – Carol
5. Syd Gibbs – Stefanie
6. Daniel Lombardo – Jill
7. Larry McKinney **Jean
8. Scot Martin – Tammy
9. Jim Moreau – Julie
10. Chuck Rich – Ann
11. Scott Ritter – Meghan
12. Daniel Roberts – Kimberly
13. Don Saucier – Jimmie Rae
14. Kevin Seal – Dawn
15. Robert Vinson – Krista

TERM 2024-2025
Will Rotate off December 31, 2025
16. Jim Bishop – MaryAnn
17. Danny Brown – Linda
18. Joey Cochran – Erin
19. Carl Fredericks – Maggie
20. Mike Fairburn – Kerri
21. John Fricke – Laurie
22. Doyle HollowayBecky
23. Rock Kendrick – Susan
24. Adam Martin – Katie
25. Mike Martin – Kim
26. Wayne PeltierCeCe
27. Todd Snure – Susan
28. Steve Soileau – Missy
29. Barry Strickland – Renee
30. Diamonte VensonStephanie

Part of our worship services on January 13-14, 2024, will be a time to pray over all of our Deacons, with an emphasis on our newly ordained deacon, Diamonte Venson, and affirming the two newly serving FBCCov deacons, Doyle Holloway & Wayne Peltier. **Larry McKinney is serving the remaining term of Jim Cook.

When you see these men and their wives, please thank them for their service and commitment.