Our Dreams For Our Student Ministry

Recently, we examined the make-up of our church. The Saturday/Sunday Bible study attendance is made up of 48% under age 18 and 52% 18 and up. Those numbers picture a very healthy church. If the numbers were skewed in either direction, the church would be unhealthy.

Today I want to write about our Student Ministry (7th-12th grades). We all know the importance of the Junior High and High School years. My goal for our student ministry is to lead our students to live for Christ in the world. We must live in the midst of a fallen world. We can live for Christ in this world

To help our students live for Christ in the world, our Personnel and Finance Teams have given us permission to call two youth associates to assist Shane Booker and the Student Ministry team in leading our students. We are thankful for the opportunity to bring on godly young adults to aid us in the process.

What do we mean by associates? In this case they are seminary students at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary who have a heart and a calling for students. They will work part time in our student ministry to help our students live for Christ in the world.

These are folks I describe as “boots on the ground.” They will have three main responsibilities–relate to students, teach them the things of God, and plan worship and activities which will support the first two responsibilities. They are not called to administer; they are called to minister.

I learned years ago that the “right” seminary students will work hard and give their best in ministry. We are fortunate to have a seminary close by. We have identified two students we believe will enhance our ministry to students. You will be introduced to them in the next few weeks.

Thank you for making “the next generation of Christians” a priority.

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