Our New Building–Where We Stand


By: Waylon Bailey

First Baptist Church has voted to explore completing our church master plan with a building to house additional Bible study space, a larger Commons area, and a new worship center.

Let me bring you up to date with where we are today.

First, this is a large (larger than our current facility) and complicated project. We have architects,
HH Architects, who are working to get everything in place as soon as possible. We also have
Donohue Favret Construction on board as well.

We expect sometime in the last half of the year to begin construction with a staggered completion about two years later (late 2017 or early 2018).

Second, we are working with four banks to establish a banking/lending relationship. We are pleased with our progress in this area and should have a proposal for our next Congregational Meeting Wednesday, April 29, at 6:15 PM. Our Finance Ministry Team will submit their recommendation at that time. The vote will be to establish this relationship and accept the terms of the agreement.

Third, once we have the concept and price, we will bring a proposal to the congregation to move forward with the project.

Finally, this is how the project looks. There are four parts to the project.

(1) Building a new Preschool (1st floor) and Children’s Building (2nd floor) to provide the space we need for Bible Fellowship Groups on campus.

(2) Renovation of the present preschool and childrens areas to provide adult space.

(3) Build a “Commons Area” to provide room for fellowship on Sundays and a variety of community needs during the week.

(4) Build the large worship center we planned in 1997. This worship center would seat 2400.

There are many areas which are not complete and yet to be decided. Please continue to pray for our Finance Team and Strategy Planning Team as they work through the details.

We are looking forward to the April 29th meeting to hopefully firm up the financing of the project.

Please continue to pray for God’s blessings on His church.