Planned Parenthood and the Value of Life

20707213525061b5daf294f5.98642714You’ve probably heard the recent allegations concerning Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider. In addition to its donations and charges, the organization receives half a  billion dollars from federal and state governments.

Last week a tape surfaced which was secretly recorded with the senior director of medical services of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. The official described how Planned Parenthood performs abortions which are designed to save the organs of the fetus as it is being aborted. These organs are then sold as fetal tissue.

The words of the official are chilling.

As she ate salad and drank wine, the doctor described how the process takes place. At one point she described the high demand for liver and brain tissue, and how the head can be removed intact.

You may have seen the tape, over 2 million people have. A number of states  (including Louisiana) are investigating Planned Parenthood’s actions.

Now a second tape has surfaced. Let me be quick to say I don’t like secret tapes, but if what the tapes say is true (they are in the words of Planned Parenthood officials themselves) these are egregious acts.

In the second tape, the official is haggling with a would be buyer over the cost of human kidneys, livers, and hearts taken from aborted fetuses.

What should we say about this?

First, we should demand our elected officials look into this practice. Selling human organs is and should be prohibited. Can you imagine how poor people would be abused and exploited by the wealthy if organs could be sold?

We must think seriously about how this act will encourage other acts. We must not let ourselves slide further into devaluing others. I heard one commentator defend the practice by talking about “what good it could do.” We must not allow ourselves to be dragged into this way of thinking.

Second, we must demand an ethic that values and protects the human body. If we do not have ethics for how we use the body, we have no ethics.

Third, we must demand of ourselves that we seek first God and His kingdom. We must not allow ourselves to slip easily into the teaching and the values of the world. Our values and our actions must be consistent with the Word of God.

Finally, we must pray for awakening in our land. We must seek first God’s kingdom, and we must ask God to let the awakening begin in us.

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