Lagniappe: Proposed Budget for 2024

The month of November is a time when we emphasize thanksgiving. That makes November a special time.

November is also important for FBC Covington because it’s when we culminate our budget planning for the new year. Each year we plan a budget – which we live within – and present it to the congregation.

Beginning next week, you will receive an email which contains a summary of our proposed $8 million budget for 2024. This budget is based on a conservative approach, meaning that we budget based on the prior
year’s offerings. Over the past twelve months you have given $8 million for our budget needs. Therefore, that is the amount of our budget for 2024.

Please look over this proposed budget when you receive it, and then meet with us for the budget presentation on Wednesday, November 15th at 6:45PM. At this congregational meeting we will discuss the budget but not vote.

We will vote on the budget at the three weekend worship services on December 2nd and 3rd.