Reaching a New Generation


By: Waylon Bailey

Today we are thrilled to have Josh Jordan as our preacher. Josh serves as our collegiate pastor and has been with us for the past five years.

Josh works with juniors and seniors in high school, college students, and young adults at FBC.

We are seeing gratifying responses to Josh’s ministry.

One of the unique ways that Josh ministers is by working with our juniors and seniors in high school. This helps our students have an easy transition as they move to the college class.

Please be in prayer for Josh as he communicates God’s word to us today.

The month of August and the new school year are rapidly approaching. I’m looking forward to my new sermon series entitled “Speaking the Truth.” I’m going to use the first few weeks in August and September to talk about the basics of the Christian faith.

Over the years I’ve been impressed by the way Paul put his letters to the churches together. He basically has two parts to each letter. The first part has to do with doctrine, teaching, and understanding who God is and how God works. The second part of the letter has to do with how we behave based on the teaching in the first part of the letter.

What I want to do is to lay the groundwork for our coming year of ministry and service to God.

We will look at what the Bible means about being born again and being crucified with Christ. We will also ask what it means to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and to be filled with the Spirit.

I hope that you will be faithful in hearing all of these messages and will include your friends and family as part of your church and ministry in the coming year.