Our capital campaign, Rise Up!, has been planned and scheduled for this fall. I hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to learn about our expansion plans.

You will have multiple venues for getting the why, what, and how of our new building.

The best time you will have to learn about the building will be at our Reveal Gatherings in the Steeple Foyer. You will be able to sign up and attend one of several times to gather to “see” our future constuction.

The Reveal Gatherings will take place in the Steeple Foyer because the construction will be adjacent to the Steeple Foyer. We will have tours to take you through the building and graphics to help you see how the building will look. This will be Phase 2 of implementing the vision we believe we received from God in 1997.

In addition, we will be able to show you how Phase 3, the big worship center, will fit into the Master Plan.

As this pertains to our giving, here is what we all need to know. God uses and rewards faithfulness.

Please do two things:

First, seek God’s leadership. Ask Him what you can do for this important part of His kingdom. As we diligently seek Him, you will reveal His will and our opportunity.

Second, be bold by stepping out in faith to give as God leads.

When we all join together to follow God, we will be fine.

Please pray for God’s blessings as we move to this new era in our church family.