Seven Reasons Why You Need Holy Scripture

By: Waylon Bailey ~

Scripture is God breathed (inspired) and intended to help us know God. In a very real sense, there’s nothing more important than knowing the One in whose image we are formed.

Here are seven reasons why Scripture matters.

First, Scripture comes from God Himself. It is His word of instruction, encouragement, and revelation to the people He loves.

Second, God‘s Word instructs, guides, and encourages the person who loves God and seeks to know Him.  Scripture truly is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. In Scripture, God points to holy living which enriches our lives and brings us joy and peace.

Third, God‘s word shows us our human predicament – – the result of our sin and rebellion. We are a broken people in need of forgiveness and restoration. From the beginning of Scripture to the end, we see ourselves as people who need God.

Fourth, God‘s Word points us to God‘s ultimate plan for our lives. God  wants us to be his people and to live with him for eternity. God gave His unique Son for the fulfillment of this plan.

Fifth, Scripture equips the person of God with what he or she needs to live productively and with God’s blessings in this world.

Sixth, God‘s Word shows us how the coming of Jesus fulfilled the Scripture and provided for us a way of salvation.

Seventh, the Bible shows that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. He is our only hope for a life of quality now and a life with God forever. Scripture  shows us that salvation is not something we can do for ourselves. It is the gift of God for all who trust and believe.
The person who desires God cannot do without the Word. It blesses our lives. It is as sweet as honey on our lips.
Have a great week!