Seeking Shalom

Seeking Shalom: How reimagining our response to poverty and people in need can transform lives and restore communities.

When: Begins April 11
Duration: 6 weeks
Time: 5:00pm
Where: W412
What if someone told you the opposite of poverty isn’t wealth, but a rich biblical word, “shalom”, meaning peace with God, self, others, and peace with a created order. Seeking Shalom is a 6-part, video-based curriculum exploring the need for a new paradigm for addressing material poverty and meeting the needs of the underserved in local and global communities. The study explores why the poverty needle has been stuck and what it will take to get it moving in a positive direction. It is designed to help people have a more robust biblical framework for understanding poverty and introduces five core principles for a healthy and transformative engagement with material poverty in our local communities and around the globe.