Six Areas Where Your Pastor Is Struggling

untitled_artworkLet’s not be naïve. Every pastor struggles.

Most of us have been around pastors and churches long enough to know the truth of these statements.

Christian maturity also helps us to understand that every pastor and leader struggles.

Today, I want to equip you to help your pastor by recognizing some of the most prominent areas where pastors struggle.

At some point in the future, I may address these individually.

Where does a pastor struggle?

First, pastors struggle with time pressure. It is simply very difficult to juggle all the different things your pastor must do. Almost all pastors I know have difficulty with this. I certainly do.

Pastors move from one area to another with amazing quickness. I, and many other pastors, have gone from a wedding of indescribable joy to the funeral of a child with unimaginable grief.

How do you care for everyone’s needs, including those of your own family members? The job puts incredible demands on your pastor.

Second, pastors struggle with temptation.

We all do. Don’t assume that Satan doesn’t have a bull’s-eye on the back of your pastor. While Satan is not all wise or all knowing, he certainly knows where we are weak and vulnerable and tempts us in those areas.

Third, your pastor struggles with “the relentless return of the Sabbath.” In other words, he struggles with being able to prepare for two, three, or four or more preparations each week. Do you know of any other job that puts that kind of demand on a person?

Fourth, your pastor struggles with the needs of his own family. Your pastor’s family deals with all the issues that your family does. In addition, they deal with all of the same hurts that you do.

Most pastors I know struggle in the areas of having quality time with their family, effectively leading the church, and having enough money to feed, clothe, shelter, and educate children.

Fifth, your pastor struggles with leadership and relationship skills.

Modern churches require demanding leadership and relationship skills. I’m sure you recognize that everyone doesn’t have both sets of skills. That in itself puts pressure on your pastor.

Finally, your pastor struggles with encouragement.

The number one enemy your pastor probably struggles with is discouragement, the tendency to be exasperated and throw up his hands and quit.

Let’s face it; we sheep are not easy to deal with.

Because of all these struggles, we need to pray for our pastors and ask God to bestow His amazing grace upon them.