Six Reasons You Should Read the Bible

untitled_artworkWe live in a world that is ignorant of Scripture, and therefore we live in a world in jeopardy.

Here are six reasons why you should read the Word of God.

First, reading, studying, memorizing, and meditating on Scripture puts you in a position to hear from God. What could be more important than hearing what the Creator says about the creation or what man’s maker has to say about human beings?

It’s absolutely essential to get God’s point of view about life and about how we live it.

Second, we are desperately searching for truth and the Bible is truth.

Simon Peter warned about people with “plastic” words. Most translations use the word “false” instead of plastic, but the Greek word is the word from which we get the word plastic.

We have such a need for what is real and true.

Third, the Bible prepares us for life itself. I don’t have to tell you that life is hard most of the time and many times extremely hard. The Bible prepares us for those times and helps us get through difficult days.

Fourth, The Bible reveals God. It puts us in touch with the God of the universe.

Fifth, the Bible is the most read book of all time. How can you really be educated if you don’t know what more people have read in history than any other book? Read the Bible; it’s a mark of a great education.

Finally, the Bible shows us Jesus Christ. Christ died for our sins. The Bible shows the good news message that can bring us to right relationship with God and open the door to eternal salvation.

Nothing is more important than knowing you are lost without Christ and saved when you open your heart and life to Him. The Bible makes all of that clear