Steve Harvey and the Miss Universe Pageant

By now, you probably know the story of Steve Harvey and the Miss Universe Pageant.

The pageant was held in mid December and, of course, it was a big event broadcast live around the world.

I suppose everything went smoothly until the announcement of the first runner-up and the new Miss Universe.

That’s when things went south quickly.

For whatever reason (people are still debating that), Steve Harvey announced the wrong woman as the new Miss Universe. Instead of announcing the contestant from the Philippines, he announced the first runner-up from Columbia as the winner.

To make matters worse, it wasn’t a momentary slip up. Instead, they put the Miss Universe sash on Miss Colombia, gave her a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and placed a crown on her head.

For several minutes, she waved to the crowd and rejoiced at adulation of the crowd. Then Steve Harvey reappeared. To the shock of Miss Colombia, Steve Harvey said I need to apologize. Then he re-announced the winner  and got it right–Miss Colombia as the first runner-up and Miss Philippines as the new miss universe.

Several questions have been asked about this. Was it simply a slip up? Was it a teleprompter problem? Did they simply not prepare well for the most climactic part of the program?

I am thankful a lot of pastors read this blog. It reminds me we need to be well prepared, prayerful, and diligent as we deal with matters much more serious than crowning a beauty queen. We hold matters of life and death and eternity in our hands.

Let us prepare our very best. Let us take every opportunity to present Christ to the best of our ability. Let us put our whole heart and our whole soul into doing the most important work – – the work of presenting Christ to a lost generation.

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