Telling Others What You Know

By Waylon Bailey ~

How do we help our friends, family, and neighbors know Christ?

We all feel the urgency to share Christ with the people closest to us. We especially want to make sure we’ve done everything within our power to help them go to heaven.

What can we do to be effective in this area?

Friends Eat

First, determine to make this a top priority in your life. As long as anything is “hit or miss,” it will never accomplish much, but when we make this our purpose for living we will begin to see significant progress.

Ask God to place this before you and ask Him to open doors.

Second, make a list of people you want to touch with the truth of Christ. I would suggest five or ten people, and I would suggest that you pray for them by name every day.

Ask God to put people and events in their path to make the way easier. Pray for God to draw them to Himself, and pray that God would give you an “opening” to tell what Christ has done for you.

Third, in a few sentences describe what it is that Christ does for you right now. People without Christ generally want to know what difference this makes in your life. Be ready to give an answer to everyone who wants to know the reason for your hope in Christ (1 Peter 3:15).

Fourth, ask God what is hindering you from making your faith real to your friends. When He has placed this on your conscience, confess and repent. Righteous living will be blessed.

Finally, when you have done the above and feel comfortable that the time is right, ask the person for whom you have prayed for permission to tell them why you are a Christian. Use that opportunity to show them the gospel and what it has done for you. I think you will be pleased and surprised at their desire to hear your story.

Thank you for reading this blog. We must live out our faith and share it with others.

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