The Don’ts of High School Graduation

By Waylon Bailey ~

Yesterday I had the wonderful privilege of speaking to the 2016 graduates of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana, at their Senior Banquet. I told the more than 250 parents, grandparents, siblings, and graduates I was surprised at two things. First, how quickly they grew up and, second, how old their parents were getting.

I spoke to the group about “The Don’ts of High School Graduation.”

While there could be many don’ts for high school graduates, these are the ones I chose.

The Don'ts

First, don’t be a statistic.

Did you know that 65% of graduating church kids don’t go back to church? Maybe they do later on, but most don’t attend church during their college years.

They do this for several reasons. Some are simply lazy; others don’t have anybody to prod or prompt them. Some have never had to seek out of a church and therefore don’t know how to go about the process.New college students can make a difference if they will not let themselves become part of that negative statistic.

Second, don’t be lazy.

Laziness never gains respect. At work, or in college hard work and “giving it your best” garners respect and appreciation.

These are not the times for Christians to be lazy; it is the time to seek to please God in all things.

I reminded the graduates and their younger siblings that the most important decisions in life are the ones they make today. This is the truth because the decisions made today have the longest time to play out. Therefore, don’t be lazy.

Third, don’t forsake your future.

What your future will be 50 years from now is determined by what you do today. Therefore, give your best and do all you can to please God and honor Him.

Fourth, don’t depend on other people.

I know that it is important to depend on others, but this is what I had in mind. You can’t let other people determine your faith or your future. You can almost be assured that if you depend on other people you will never be all that you could be for God.

When we depend on God and give our best for Him, we will accomplish more than waiting for someone else.

Fifth, don’t quit.

You may not remember many things you did in life, but you will always remember the ones you didn’t do. Therefore work hard, do your best, and never give up.

It’s important what you do, but it’s also important what you don’t.

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