The End of Our Year

Dr. Waylon Bailey


The end of our year . .

While it seems almost impossible (I feel like I missed March through September), we are rapidly coming to the end of 2020 and to an important time for our church.

In order to get our new budget in place and new leaders on various teams, we have three very important CONGREGATIONAL MEETINGS coming up:

Wednesday, October 28, at 6:45 PM in Central Hall. The meeting will be rather brief but very             important. We will hear a proposal about expanding our church campuses, and we will hear reports         about our attendance, giving, and outreach for 2020.

Wednesday, November 18, at 6:45 PM in Central Hall. This will be a meeting to hear a report           about our proposed budget, vote about our other campuses, vote on ministry team personnel, and         affirm deacons for 2021.

Saturday/Sunday, December 5-6.
This will be a very brief meeting at the conclusion of each                worship service to approve our 2021 budget.

In spite of everything, God has blessed FBC tremendously in the year 2020. We hope you will join with us in these meetings where we talk about the past and our vision for the future.

May God continue to bless His church.