The Greatest Goal of All

By Waylon Bailey.

Goal making is vital for life. It truly is amazing how setting goals will propel you through life. If you set the right goals and work to achieve them, it is amazing how you will see your goals fulfilled.

With that in mind, let me encourage you to set a goal that will underwrite all of your goals. It is a goal that will change your life for the better and put you on a trajectory for ultimate good and abundant joy.

The goal is the ultimate goal of life. It is to be like Jesus.

Becoming like Jesus is God’s plan for every believer. Paul said that we are predestined to become like Christ (Romans 8:29). He told the Philippian Christians to have the mind and attitude of Christ and to live as Christ lived (Philippians 2:5). When the Apostle John talked about heaven, he acknowledged that we don’t have an answer to a lot of questions about heaven but he affirmed one great truth.

In heaven, we will be like Christ because we will see Him as He is (1 John 3:2).

This goal prepares you now for how you will live with Christ. This goal will affect everything you do today and everyday. It will make you a better spouse, parent, child, student, and employee. It will change everything about you.

Of all the goals of life, this goal is the highest and best. The desire to be like Christ will make every other goal meaningful and significant. It will not take you away from your goals, but it will make even the most insignificant goals have meaning and blessing.

No goal will be met until you acknowledge it and strive to achieve it. It’s the same with this greatest of goals.

Set your goal. Establish steps to accomplish it. Work at it everyday. Ask God to help you with it.

No goal will ever be this worthwhile. Seek it with all your heart.