The Importance of Mothers and Fathers

url-1The Christian family “is of course the keystone of any Christian society. Let Christ be truly worshiped and served at the family altar, and we need not tremble for the Christian future of any country”–Archibald M. Hunter.

“For the most part, children do not create problems; they reveal them. Parents who cannot discipline themselves cannot discipline their children. If a father and mother are not under authority themselves, they cannot exercise authority over others. It is only as parents submit to each other and to the Lord that they can exercise properly balanced spiritual and physical authority over their children”–Warren Wiersbe.

I am convinced that if Martin Luther King, Jr., were alive today, he would be weeping over what has happened to his people. In some ways, the black family was much stronger when he was alive than it is today. Civil rights laws are stronger today, but families have been weakened. Character is formed in churches and in families by pastors and by parents. No government program can make up for the breakdown of the family. Try as they might, bureaucrats and social workers cannot replace fathers”–Gary L. Bauer.

“Gender composition matters a lot in a household. Moms probably do something that’s a lot different than dads. If you’re a child, there are times in your life when you really need a mom’s input, and there are other times you need a dad’s input, and those times are probably different for boys and girls”–Dr. Douglas Allen.

“All things being equal, children with married parents consistently do better in every measure of wellbeing than their peers who have single, cohabiting, divorced or step-parents. This is a stronger indicator than parental race, economic or educational status, or neighborhood. The literature on this is broad and strong”–Glenn Stanton.

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